Well-SENSE is employing a phased approach to the development of our FiberLine Intervention system.

The first phase of Passive FLI, which allows Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) to be recorded over the entirety of the deployed line, is complete. The technology has been well tested and field trials have been successful.

We are currently providing FLI solutions for cement cure qualification, gas lift optimisation, steam injection/steam assisted gravity drainage, leak detection and similar applications. To further assess and impact both exploration prospects and producing assets, borehole seismic measurements, using DAS, are also available. Full wellbore data provides time-depth relationships and interval velocities as well as Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) imaging.

We are now completing trials for micro seismic monitoring for hydraulic fracture applications, which allows operators to improve production and avoid risks by identifying patterns of fluid movement, fracture development, connectivity, compaction and whether the frac and proppant are staying “in zone” or travelling “out of zone.”

We are also incorporating optical and pressure sensors into our FLI system. This will allow single point optical, pressure and temperature measurements to be recorded in addition to distributed continuous sensing of DAS and DTS. Multi-core fiber allows these measurements to run concurrently, reducing time and operational cost whilst increasing functionality.

This is ideal for cement cure, gas lift optimisation, SAGD, leak detection, micro seismic, VSP, PT logging, fluid ID, well trajectory and flow profiling. The functionality is equivalent to wireline production logging tool (PLT) measurements but with the additional benefit of temperature and acoustic profiles.

Technology Roadmap



Active’ FLI capabilities include 4K real-time video streaming functionality, digital caliper measurements and horizontal tractor conveyancing. This allows visual, measured and quantified well integrity inspection opportunities and access to horizontal and deviated wells, plus retrieval of the FLI tool if required.

Well-SENSE are also developing their own Surface Data Acquisition System to allow all active measurement data to be imported into all 3rd party, industry standard, logging software and interpretation software.

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