A new line in

FiberLine Intervention (FLI) is a rapid wellbore surveying technique that provides quality rich data alongside significant cost, risk and efficiency benefits.

Our unique FLI system uses fibre-optic technology to capture distributed temperature and acoustic measurements along the entire length of the well in real time. The data creates a rich well profile and can monitor changing conditions, irregularities, anomalies or events, to deliver greater insight across a wide range of applications.

Compared to other forms of well surveillance, costs and run-time are dramatically reduced. Surveys can be completed in around two hours from arrival, requiring only one person at the wellsite. The equipment is hand-portable, compact and lightweight with a tiny wellsite footprint. The FLI tool and fibre are single-use and sacrificial so can be left in the well at the end of the survey.

This is a true breakthrough in low cost, portable technology, delivering valuable intelligence for operators.

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