Distributed fibre-optic sensing can be used to understand a huge variety of downhole behaviours, events and anomalies throughout the lifecycle of the well. We can gather data to help with exploration, production, late-life and end of life challenges.

FLI has built a strong track record in leak detection and well integrity assessment, however there are many applications where FLI can provide significant value. Below are just a few examples:

FiberLine Intervention Applications
Cement Assurance — Application data sheet — Download
Leak Detection — Application data sheet — Download
Vertical Seismic Profiling — Case study — Download
P&A Cement Cure — Application poster — Download
P&A Cement Cure — Techbyte Presentation — Download
Pressure/ temperature gradient survey, CCL survey, bottom hole P/T monitoring — Case Study — Download
Fracture Diagnostics
Micro-Seismic Monitoring
Pressure/Temp/Flow/Fluid ID/Holdup
Directional Surveys
Stimulation Monitoring
Injectivity Testing

Examples of Fibre Only Deployment

Allows DAS and DTS data to be recorded over the entirety of the deployed fibre.

FLI Type Commercial Operation Physical Measurement Value
DTS Cement Cure Qualification Multi-mode Required to validate cement quality throughout the curing process.
  Gas Lift Optimisation Multi-mode Measuring Joule-Thomson effect to identify optimisation of Co2 injection gas lift for EOR.
  Steam Injection - SAGD Multi-mode Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD; "Sag-D") for enhanced oil recovery of heavy crude oil and bitumen.
DAS Leak Detection Single-Mode Detection of casing, tubing, annulus, formation leaks via interpretation of acoustic signatures generated by the movement of fluid and gas.
  Micro-Seismic Single-Mode Hydraulic fracture monitoring from micro-seismic allows operators to improve production and avoid risks by identifying patterns of fluid movement, fracture development, connectivity, compaction and whether the frac and proppant are staying “in zone” or traveling “out of zone.”
  Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) Single-Mode Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) survey with conventional geophones. Provides interval velocities, time-depth relationship as well as images below the wells based on the reflected seismic rays. DAS VSP data has provided the opportunity of impacting asset performance.

Multi-Core Fibre and Optical Sensors

Allows DAS and DTS data to be recorded over the entirety of the deployed fibre plus single-point optical measurements from the probe.

Multi-core fibre allows DAS, DTS and single-point measurements to be run concurrently. This reduces measurement time and operational cost while increasing functionality.

FLI Type Commercial Operation Physical Measurement Value
DAS/DTS/Passive Pressure/Temp. Cement cure, gas lift optimisation, SAGD, leak detection, micro-seismic, VSP, PT logging, flow profiling. Multi-core fiber (multi-mode, single-mode with additional single mode fibres) to allow inclusion of single-point optical pressure /temperature sensor. Allows greater functionality by incorporating multiple cores in a single fibre. Allows DAS, DTS + single point sensor measurements of pressure and temperature during freefall.
DAS/DTS/Passive Pressure/Temp, Optical Encoder, Differential Pressure, 3-Axis Accelerometer. Same as above but now enabling flow measurement, fluid ID and well trajectory measurements. Same as above with additional optical sensors. Same as above but now equivalent to wireline PLT measurements, with the addition of distributed temperature and acoustic measurements.