FiberLine Intervention for P&A planning and operations - part 3

In part three of our P&A series, we look at how FLI can quickly assess and validate integrity during and after cement operations.

A common challenge is ensuring cement barriers between casing strings, or the well and surrounding subsurface formation, are well executed. Verification of Perf-Wash-Cement (PWC) operations can be performed by FLI without the need to drill out the cement plug. By monitoring the exothermic reaction of the cement cure process we can confirm placement, barrier length and top of cement.

Sometimes, even with careful planning, P&A is not successful first time. Often problems are not detected until after the rig or HWU has moved on, but FLI can be deployed offline to verify plugs, locate leaks or identify fluid movements in the annuli to validate PWC isolation. It's fast, cost effective and reliable.

Read more about how FLI can add value and deliver cost savings in P&A planning and execution, by downloading our WHITEPAPER here: P&A Whitepaper Download

FiberLine Intervention for P&A planning and operations - part 3

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