FiberLine Intervention is the most rapid and cost-competitive borehole seismic solution available.

Would you like to find out how FiberLine Intervention can simply provide the most rapid and cost-competitive seismic data solution on the market? Then you might want to register for our presentation at this week’s EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) conference - a hybrid event to be hosted in Amsterdam. On Thursday 21st October at 14:55 CEST (13:55 UK time) our CEO Annabel Green will discuss our ‘game-changing technology for low-cost, high quality, borehole seismic data acquisition’.

FiberLine Intervention (FLI) can deliver a high quality vertical seismic profile (VSP) by deploying bare fibre into the borehole. This is a valuable tool, not only to calibrate surface seismic but, through analysis of the full wave form, to provide high resolution imaging of the formations around the wellbore. However, we recognise that the oil and gas, geothermal and gas storage industries would benefit from a faster and more cost-competitive method of acquiring this data as it is often considered too expensive and is rarely performed.

Traditionally multi-component geophones with wireline logging equipment have been used, but to acquire a full VSP multiple stations and sweeps are required leading to extensive data acquisition times at great cost. A more recent alternative is to deploy fibre optics within a wireline system, either alongside copper conductors or as Fibre-In-Metal-Tube (FIMT). This solution increases efficiency but still requires a similar surface equipment footprint leading to challenges with well access, logistics, and the unavoidable associated cost and time to rig-up.

As an alternative solution, FiberLine Intervention eliminates the rig-up time, wellsite footprint and high costs associated with all other methods of acquiring a VSP. In the example we present at EAGE, six zero offset and offset VSPs were recorded in just 4 hours – from rig up to rig down.

FLI is suitable for shallow, deep, onshore and offshore wellbores and its bare fibre is more sensitive than encased fibre options. It reduces operational risk, increases efficiency, simplifies logistics and provides high quality data assurance.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can register to attend the event here: or please contact us directly on:

FiberLine Intervention is the most rapid and cost-competitive borehole seismic solution available.

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