FLI Diagnoses an Offshore Reservoir Containment Breach Using a Post-Injection Survey

FiberLine Intervention (FLI) has assisted an operator to identify a suspected breach in reservoir containment, which was affecting a series of North Sea artificial lift platform wells. Some of the wells were highly deviated or horizontal and the drilling rig was located above the injector wells, so any intervention method required a low rig-up height and small footprint to avoid impacting rig-based operations. FLI is ideally suited to this type of constraint and its compact and lightweight rig-up enables multiple surveys to be performed simultaneously.

FLI’s bare fibre also has the acute sensitivity to capture high-quality, distributed, temperature, acoustic and micro-seismic data at significant distances and through physical barriers, such as well tubing and casing or subsurface geological formations. By monitoring injection performance, we can provide feedback on the location and connectivity of fluid flow paths, plus the integrity of the cap rock and reservoir formation. We have experience in performing successful reservoir containment studies for water injection, water disposal and CO2 storage.

In this project our approach was to examine an area above the water injection zone to identify any unusual activity. Our DTS and DAS data quickly indicated a complex and active out-of-zone flow path from one of the wells through a fractured formation above the reservoir zone.

To find out more, please take a look at our CASE STUDY

FLI Diagnoses an Offshore Reservoir Containment Breach Using a Post-Injection Survey

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