FLI Identifies the Source of Sustained Annulus Pressure in Less Than 12 Hours

A major international operator was experiencing sustained annulus pressure (SAP) in three horizontal oil and gas producing wells at an unmanned offshore platform in South East Asia. The pressure ingress was believed to originate from shallow gas sand formations around the upper casing, however the operator wished to identify the source so this could be monitored and assessed over the life of the wells.

The small leak rate at this platform had been measured by the operator to be less than 1 scf/min for all wells and the pressure accumulated in the annuli was between 4.7 – 8.9 bar (70 and 130 psi). The facility was an unmanned platform which could only be accessed by boat for daytime operations.

FLI was rigged up and down and completed each survey within a single 12-hour day shift and the leak source was successfully located in all three wells. In one well the SAP source was found within the A, B & C annulus
from a single probe deployment and was completed in less than ten hours.

To find out more, please take a look at our CASE STUDY.

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