FLI Passes 300th Well Deployment Milestone

We’ve been so excited over the last few weeks at the prospect of sharing our milestone news of hitting our 300th FLI deployment!.... 👏😁 But our team were a little over enthusiastic and have shot right past the target before we could make the announcement! 😮

It seems like only yesterday we were reporting our 75th deployment, closely followed by a million feet of fibre.... Well, we’ve smashed that one too, as we’ve surpassed the 10,000,000 feet mark!

Yes, you read that right, TEN MILLION feet of deployed fibre! 🏆🤩

That’s about the distance from the UK to Canada! To give a bit more context, the international space station orbits a mere 1.3 million feet above the earth... 🚀

Looking back, we’ve taken stock of the types of projects we’ve recently undertaken and it’s an ever-increasing list:

✔ Sustained casing pressure surveys
✔ Barrier integrity confirmation
✔ Behind casing flow identification
✔ Bottom hole pressure measurement
✔ Static fluid gradients
✔ Fluid level survey
✔ Injection profiling
✔ Cement cure evaluation
✔ Reservoir containment
✔ Cap rock integrity
✔ Live CCS deployments
✔ Vertical seismic profiling

Thanks must go to all our clients, partners and staff who are our superheroes working together to propel the business forward as it goes from strength to strength! 🙌

FLI Passes 300th Well Deployment Milestone

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