FLI will inform, de-risk and reduce the cost of your P&A campaign - part 2

How can FiberLine Intervention add further value and reduce the cost of P&A operations?

By carrying out FiberLine Intervention well surveys, off the critical path and early in the planning phase, FLI informs, de-risks and can significantly reduce the cost of the P&A campaign.

Our surveys allow operators to decide if rigless or hydraulic work-over unit abandonments can be performed, providing the largest opportunity for cost reduction throughout the entire P&A process.

FLI also delivers cumulative savings when used to batch survey multiple wells. These savings are not only realised in the cost of the surveys, but also through their wider impact on a well-informed campaign strategy.

As a comparison against offshore wireline logging, FLI has provided cost savings in the region of 70% and quality well data in just half the time. It is rapid, rigless, has a tiny footprint and reduces POB. Find out more: https://lnkd.in/gMGMPTA

What is your biggest P&A challenge and how can FLI help you? Would you like to understand more about well integrity, detect leaks and plan remediation? Would you like to validate cement placement and integrity? Or if you have old, inherited assets with little data, would you like more information on current fluid levels, temperatures and pressure? Let’s talk about your challenges so we can add value to your operations - please get in touch with our team on: info@well-sense.co.uk or +44 (0)1224 937640.

FLI will inform, de-risk and reduce the cost of your P&A campaign - part 2

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