New DropGauge now available for bottom-hole pressure readings.

* New Product Alert* Introducing the new Well-SENSE DropGauge – for a fast and accurate bottom-hole pressure reading from any well or borehole.

Bottom-hole pressure data is valuable for performance and reservoir modelling throughout the life of a well, leading to better evaluation of reserves and optimisation of production. At the end-of-life stage, a simple pressure survey aids effective planning for appropriate well control. Conventional intervention in old and shut-in wells can present a high risk of stuck tools and broken cables, but the DropGauge is a cost-effective means of obtaining valuable well data while eliminating the risk of complex fishing operations.

Well-SENSE can provide engineers to deploy the DropGauge as part of a fully managed service, or due to the tool’s simplicity, it can be deployed independently by your own technician in around 2-4 hours, improving POB and efficiency. Pressure and temperature data readings are very accurate and delivered to your laptop in real-time.

Find out more in our leaflet here: DropGauge Flyer

New DropGauge now available for bottom-hole pressure readings.

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