Our deployment track record.

Our FiberLine Intervention (FLI) system and in-house analytics have established a strong track-record in delivering reliable well intelligence. FLI generates a richly detailed picture of the well and provides answers much faster than ever before.

FLI offers a range of surveillance solutions but has most frequently been deployed for leak detection or barrier verification. This is useful in wells with sustained annulus pressure or as part of a pre-abandonment survey. Here we use ‘Bi-FLI’, which enables the simultaneous recording of distributed temperature and acoustics, to identify fluid movement around tubulars, plugs and barriers. This optimises future operations, reducing time, cost and risk.

Another application we're increasingly providing is an evaluation of mature wells, as a cost effective means of reliably measuring bottom hole pressure, determining pressure gradients and locating fluid interfaces. This uses ‘Active-FLI’ which incorporates a pressure gauge with fibre optic communications in the deployed tool.

We have also delivered cement assurance projects, offset frac and cross-well strain monitoring, injection profiling and vertical seismic profiling. These applications have all provided quality answers from a tiny wellsite footprint, with rapid turnaround.

Our deployment track record.

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